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گیرنده ی دیجیتال رادیوگرافی فسفرپلیت | بهترین دندانپزشک زیبایی اصفهان Dr. Hossein Borjian at Najm Dental Center The first specialized dental laser center in Isfahan and the center of the country beyond time کارت ویزیت بهترین دندانپزشک اصفهان The best dentist in Isfahan The best implant specialist in Isfahan The best cosmetic dentist in Isfahan The best gum surgeon in Isfahan Expertise and experience فلوشیپ تخصصی لیزر دندانپزشکی از دانشگاه جنوا Top dental skills Quality dental services
The best dentist in Isfahan

beyond time

Dr. Hossein Borjian

Najm Pishgam Dental Institute

The best implant in Isfahan

The knowledge and experience of doing implants in Isfahan along with the use of lasers in performing implant procedures will increase the quality of your implant treatment at Dr. Hossein Borjian's office.

The best gum surgeon in Isfahan

We take care of your gums and use the best knowledge of laser dentistry to treat and improve the condition of your gums at Dr. Hossein Borjian's office in Isfahan..

The best cosmetic dentist in Isfahan

The beauty of your teeth, gums and smile is provided by dental consultations and dental procedures at the Isfahan office of Dr. Hossein Borjian, Najm Dental Clinic.

The best dentist in Isfahan

Dr. Hossein Borjian is one of the best dentists in Isfahan in the field of laser dentistry, who can improve and achieve better results in your dental services with laser.
Introducing some dental services of Dr. Hossein Borjian in Isfahan

The best cosmetic dentist in Isfahan at Najm laser dental specialty center


Dr. Hossein Borjian, surgeon - Dentist, implantologist, specialized laser fellowship in Isfahan

Specialized dental laser fellowship from Italy | Mastership in cosmetic dentistry from America | Dental cosmetic treatments, smile design correction | Implant, root treatment ( root canal) Laser gum surgery

The accreditation of Najm Dental Specialized Center has been confirmed by obtaining internationally recognized certificates from the following centers.

special offer : If you need anesthesia for your dental procedure

  • Nausea control (Gag reflex) In adult patients for dental treatment
  • As usual and on an outpatient basis, without the need for anesthesia and hospitalization
  • Using the highly specialized method of Laser acupuncture


For a dental appointment (Internal 4)

Address: Isfahan, Hakim Nizami intersection

Next to Bush, Najm community, 2nd floor

Dental apparatus channel

Gum surgery with laser and implant
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